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Drawing on our expertise in building science, extensive experience, and dedication to our clients, we aim to deliver the most thorough home inspections in Arizona. Our inspections go beyond the standard, offering you peace of mind in your cherished home. Elite Inspector Group surpasses the Standards of Professional Practice set for Arizona Home Inspectors.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

When it comes to buying a home, we recognize the gravity of your decision, and at Elite Inspector Group, we approach our role as your trusted Arizona home inspector with utmost seriousness. Our dedicated team of inspectors is committed to delivering a comprehensive and professional home inspection that empowers you with a deeper understanding of your investment. We take pride in our mission to provide detailed and thorough home inspection reports, ensuring you have all the information needed to make informed decisions about your potential home. Count on Elite Inspector Group of Arizona to offer you a comprehensive perspective, understanding, and the peace of mind you need during this crucial process.

Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Get ahead of the game before listing your house on the market with our “EIG Seller’s Pre-Inspection Program,” designed to save you time, money, and headaches. Our comprehensive pre-inspection service provides valuable insights, ensuring a smooth and informed selling process. By having our home inspector conduct a thorough inspection of your home before listing, you can identify potential issues that may arise during buyer property inspections. This proactive approach allows you to address concerns upfront, reducing the risk of negotiations, delays, or price adjustments after the buyer’s home inspection. Rely on our expert home inspectors to help you enhance the marketability and value of your home with our Seller’s Pre-Inspection Program.

Home Maintenance Inspection

In Arizona’s scorching climate, the intense sun can wear down your home’s exterior and roof, while frequent downpours may affect soil stability around the foundation. Homeowners also subject plumbing and interior finishes to rigorous use. However, regular maintenance inspections enable proactive identification of maintenance needs, addressing them promptly to prevent major issues. Comprehensive property inspections provide homeowners with the chance to address repairs and maintain their homes’ integrity, protecting against weather-related damage and everyday wear and tear. Our experienced inspectors are well-versed in home construction, capable of identifying areas needing attention.

Thermal Imaging During Inspections

Thermal imaging is an essential component of EIG inspections, also known as infrared thermography. It enhances the effectiveness of Elite Inspector Group’s inspections by detecting temperature variations and anomalies that may indicate underlying issues such as hidden problems, energy efficiency issues, moisture intrusion, electrical system abnormalities, roofing or insulation concerns, structural integrity, plumbing, and heating issues. Integrating thermal imaging offers a more comprehensive and precise assessment of a property’s condition. However, it’s crucial to combine thermal imaging with other inspection methods for a thorough evaluation. Hiring a qualified inspector with experience in thermal imaging is vital for accurate and dependable results.

New Construction Home Inspections

When it comes to custom construction, having a home designed to your specifications is a dream realized. However, ensuring your dream home is structurally sound is paramount. Elite Inspector Group provides comprehensive new construction inspections to offer you peace of mind. Our meticulous inspection and detailed report enable you to request necessary repairs from the construction company effortlessly. Whether you’re building a tract home with a builder or a custom home, our experienced team conducts new home inspections prioritizing your safety and satisfaction. Trust the Elite Inspector Group Team to preserve the quality and integrity of your new build.

5-Point Investor Inspections

If you’re an investor in need of a specialized home inspection service that prioritizes critical property systems, our tailored inspection service is perfect for you. We recognize the value of your time and priorities, which is why we focus on essential aspects like the Roof/Attic, Structure, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC systems, bypassing cosmetic issues. Our dedicated team delivers a comprehensive report, equipping you with vital information for informed decisions. Moreover, we offer this specialized service at a reduced cost, helping you optimize your investment. Opt for our investor-focused inspection service for a streamlined and cost-effective approach.

Mold Inspections & Testing

Our complete Mold Inspections provide a thorough assessment of your property for potential mold issues, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation. Our expert inspectors meticulously examine your entire property for indications of moisture intrusion, water damage, musty odors, visible mold growth, and conditions conducive to mold growth. All Mold Testing samples collected during the inspection undergo analysis at a certified laboratory for detailed results.

This comprehensive inspection is perfect for those seeking a complete evaluation of their home’s potential mold and moisture concerns. Additionally, an Air Quality Test may be recommended for further assessment. You can trust our experienced team to deliver a detailed report on your property’s mold and moisture status. Schedule an appointment with us today to benefit from our expertise and thorough inspection process.

Sewer Scope

A sewer scope involves a video inspection of the lateral sewer line, which extends from the house near the foundation to the city or HOA tap or septic tank. Repairing a sewer line can be one of the most expensive tasks for homeowners. Opting for a sewer scope inspection can prevent you from investing in a property with significant sewer or septic system issues.

Whether dealing with old rusted cast iron pipes or newly installed plastic ones with potential bellies, every home can benefit from a sewer scope inspection. This service assesses the condition of the sewer pipe beneath the home and yard, pinpointing any deficiencies in the pipe’s structure. The inspection includes a narrated video and a written report for your reference.

Manufactured Home HUD Foundation Certifications

Manufactured Home Certifications are pivotal in guaranteeing the quality, safety, and adherence to regulations of manufactured homes. These certifications are indispensable for manufacturers and homeowners alike, offering assurance that the home meets stringent standards and guidelines. For homeowners, certifications offer peace of mind, indicating that their manufactured home has undergone comprehensive inspections and meets industry benchmarks. It assures them of a safe, well-built structure that complies with local building codes. Furthermore, these certifications can hold significance for insurance coverage and may impact the home’s resale value.

Drone Roof Inspections

In Arizona, inspectors may face obstacles preventing physical access to roofs, such as height, delicate tile types, or builder-imposed restrictions. Nevertheless, we’ve surmounted these challenges by employing state-of-the-art drones, ensuring a meticulous assessment of your roof’s condition.

Our dedication to leveraging advanced technology enables us to provide top-tier service and precise evaluations, empowering you to make well-informed property decisions. When it comes to your home inspection, opt for Elite Inspector Group for a thorough examination encompassing all aspects, including your roof.

Water Quality Testing of City or Well Supplied Water

Our Water Quality Testing encompasses a broad spectrum of parameters, including the Detection of Total Coliforms & E. Coli to ensure the absence of harmful bacteria, Evaluation of Water Quality indicators to assess overall water composition and potential contaminants, the Measurement of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) to determine water purity, an Assessment of pH levels to ensure optimal acidity or alkalinity, and the Analysis of Hardness, specifically Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) levels to identify potential scaling issues and water treatment needs. But that’s not all – we provide additional comprehensive testing options tailored to your specific requirements.

Septic Tank Inspections

Septic inspections are crucial for assessing the functionality and condition of your septic system.

Our skilled professionals perform comprehensive evaluations of the tank, distribution box, drain field, and related components to detect existing problems, potential risks, or signs of deterioration. Early detection enables homeowners to take proactive steps to maintain the long-term performance and durability of their septic system.

You can rely on us to deliver accurate and dependable results, following industry standards and best practices. Schedule a professional septic inspection with us today to protect the future of your home.

Sprinkler System Inspections

For prospective home buyers, a dependable and well-functioning sprinkler and drip system can greatly contribute to maintaining a vibrant and healthy landscape. Recognizing the importance of these systems, Elite Inspector Group includes sprinkler and drip system inspections in their services, offering thorough evaluations that extend beyond the standard home inspection.

Termite Inspections (WDIR)

In Arizona, the saying goes, “There are only two kinds of houses: those with termites and those that will have them.” Termites are highly common in our area. At Elite Inspector Group (EIG), we work closely with reputable local termite experts to provide thorough inspections and efficient treatment options when termites are detected. Protect your property today.

Duplex, Triplex, & Fourplex Inspections

Our experience and expertise in conducting detailed multi-unit inspections are essential. We specialize in coordinating with rental tenants, conducting thorough inspections, and delivering clear and understandable reports. Whether you’re buying or selling a duplex, triplex, or fourplex, choosing EIG for your inspection needs is crucial.

Comprehensive Casita and Detached Structure Inspections

In Arizona, detached structures and guest houses (casitas) are common. At EIG, we recognize the importance of these buildings and conduct inspections with the same level of detail as the main house or building. Many of these structures were built without following modern construction standards and have unique mechanical and electrical systems, which adds complexity to our inspection process. You can trust that we have the expertise to navigate these intricacies seamlessly. Enhance your property inspection experience today.